We feel so lucky at Codies Place to be living in such a green, clean beautiful part of the world at Agnes Water. Out of respect for our amazing environment we have introduced the following eco-friendly practises:

We encourage you to use your own refillable takeaway cups, by offering a 50c discount on your takeaway coffee;

We do not use single use plastic straws - we use Metal Straws;

All of our takeaway food packaging is bio degradable;

We use glass bottles for water refills;

Look around codies - you will see we are growing some of our own herbs and will continue to add to our herb garden to use in our delicious meals and cocktails!

To support our local community we purchase locally owned and grown products as much as possible. 

We support Envision Hands who turn plastic bottle caps into Prosthetic Limbs.  Read all about it here and drop your plastic bottle caps into Codie's to help us support this awesome cause.


7 Agnes Street



Enquiries: (07) 4974 7004

Email: codiesplace@outlook.com